Shamrock Half Marathon 2012 Training

Winter/Spring 2011/2012

Peak Races

  1. Cornell Indoor Track 5000m - 15:32 (PR)
  2. Tim Kennard River Run 10 Mile - 53:26 (PR)
  3. Shamrock Half Marathon - 1:09:37 (PR)


I was a graduate student at Cornell and had just finished the Wineglass Marathon with a 17-minute PR of 2:33:58. My fastest 5k was still around 16:30 (~5:18/mile) but breaking 70 minutes in a half marathon aligned with my recent marathon performance so that was the goal all season. I skimped out on long runs a bit and did more speedwork than I had done since high school. At mile 12 of Shamrock, I had the time goal in the bag so focused on racing the runners around me. I thought I'd smoke them in the last half mile but two masters runners out-kicked me in the last quarter mile... a humbling experience for my 22-year old self! 

I ended up doing the Pittsburgh Marathon 6 weeks after Shamrock and didn't have a good day with a positive split 2:36. Writing this in 2016, I still think that was the closest I've been to dropping out of a long distance race.